Planning a Purpose-Driven New Year for Growth: Creating Your Personal Brand

Now, it’s your time to reflect on your 2018 and plan for the new year to come. How have you grown in 2018? Where do you want to take your life in 2019? We have a hands-on workshop to help you reflect on how you’ve used your energy in 2018, across your work, relationships, health, and other aspects of your well-being. You will then be guided in designing a plan to mindfully use your energy for success in 2019.


A-Young Kim, Consultant and Coach on Innovation, Leadership and High Performance Cultures

For the past 12 years, A-Young has worked with multinational companies, governments and startups to pursue growth in business, people, and products & services. She has also facilitated the development of 2,000 leaders and entrepreneurs in over 30 organizations across 15 countries.
A-Young applies the latest behavioral research and management tools such as Blue Ocean Strategy, Blue Ocean Leadership and human-centered design to guide clients through meaningful strategic changes. She has been featured on television in Singapore for developing young leaders, and her consulting work for the Malaysian civil service has been covered in national news.
A-Young’s current and past clients include Bank of America, Shell, Pepsico, GSK and PayPal.

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Date: Thursday, 6th December 2018
Time: 12-1.30pm 
Venue: Emoji+Cipher
Ticket: $10 per person (includes lunch!)

This session is open only to Members and their Non-member friendsFeel free to invite your friends who are interested in the topic. 
* RSVP is compulsory with limited spots available. Please pay at SPECTRUM Concierge.